B1s Without Type Required for Type Training Opportunity

  • LAGE: Leipzig
  • DATUM HINZUGEFÜGT: 26. November 2018
  • REFERENZ: 13279
  • KONTAKT: admin@bostonair.co.uk


Bostonair are searching for B1 licensed engineers looking to get the first type on their license. In exchange for a long-term commitment to work with us, we will provide you with A300-600 type training with a strong likelihood of 757 training in the future. Not only will you receive type training, but you’ll also join our structured OJT program.

The plan would be to get you started in Leipzig from January as a mechanic. This would be a good chance for you to see the operation and for us to assess your skills whilst working a 14-on/14-off shift. You’d then join our next type training course (A300-600 course to start from April) before progressing through our OJT program. Whilst carrying out your OJT, you’d be employed as a Cat-A mechanic – and once you’re able to certify, you’d be employed as a B1 licensed engineer. This would then be a long-term, stable employment opportunity – with the possibility of further type training as mentioned above. You’d also continue to work the 14-on/14-off shift (11.25 hours per day) with accommodation, local transport and a monthly travel allowance provided.



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