B737NG Avionics System Engineer (Ref. 13406)

  • LAGE: Netherlands
  • DATUM HINZUGEFÜGT: 15. Mrzch 2019
  • REFERENZ: 13406


Bostonair are looking for a B737NG Avionics System Engineer to fill a permanent position in the Netherlands (starting off with a one year contract, with extensions and/or conversion to an open ended employment dependent on organisational development and the candidate’s performance). The position is Monday-Friday, office based, with a 40 hour working week; part time options (such as 80% or 4×9 hours) can be discussed.

The ideal candidate would bring system engineering expertise and/or experience in a relevant role within a Part-21 approved organisation.

Job roles/responsibilities will include the following: 

• Setting priorities such that the relation between operational and financial impact is optimised
• Escalate or de-escalate maintenance intervals in order to optimise the maintenance operation and operational availability of aircraft.
• Apply EASA Part M, Part 21 and Part 145 for modifications and repairs; interpret and apply international rules and regulations, manufacturer instructions etc.
• Apply EASA Part 21 for certification of minor modifications and repairs; create approved data.
• Contribute to or perform reliability analyses; record, monitor and evaluate technical malfunctions and maintenance tasks; identify trends and adjust maintenance standards as necessary.
• Create, elaborate and calculate constructions and modifications (temporary, permanent and/or for urgent repairs) and ensure regulatory approval as necessary.
• Advise concerning tooling and equipment necessary for maintenance operations.
• Explain and motivate solutions and hand over documentation, instructions etc.; verify draft standards, instructions and specifications with the Aircraft Maintenance department and amend as necessary.
• Elaborate and substantiate optimum and feasible implementations; create investment proposals and submit for approval.
• Record standards and specifications, ensuring that maintenance manuals and instructions are up-to-date and available.
• Transfer standards and instructions to Aircraft Maintenance department; elaborate as necessary.
• Support the implementation of maintenance and modifications, both internally and with outsourced work.

For more information, please send us your CV below and we will get in touch with you to discuss further.



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